Established in November 2010, A Hug Away Healthcare and Medical Equipment has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the home office of a living room in Katy, TX. Today, it proudly owns its building in the beautiful Katy Proper area. This remarkable growth is a testament to our determination, hard work, and strategic vision. A Hug Away Healthcare services not only the greater Houston area but is also licensed for the entire state of Texas, reaching far and wide to provide exceptional care to those in need.

From Lake Charles, LA to Katy, TX: A Journey of Success

Reflecting on our journey, we take pride in our achievements that once felt surreal but are now a reality. Founded by two sisters, A Hug Away has evolved from first-time business owners to award-winning healthcare providers. Our dedication and commitment have been recognized with several accolades, including being named ‘Best Home Health, Hospice & Sitters company‘ by Katy Healthy Living in 2016 and 2018 and receiving the Choice Readers Award for 2020 and 2023 by Living Magazine.

Focused on Quality: Committed to Excellence

At A Hug Away Healthcare, our success is built on consistency and reliability. Over the past 13 years, we have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our valued customers. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our strong 4.9 Google review rating, showcasing our positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Our Unique Approach to Care: A Different Perspective

We take satisfaction in our patients’ successful rehabilitation and return to independent living rather than boasting a high census. When our patients are ready to stop receiving home care, our committed team works relentlessly to restore their health and well-being. We don’t stop there, though. With monthly check-up calls to ensure their continuous recovery and reintegration into the community, we remain committed to our patients long after discharge.

Comprehensive Home Healthcare Services in Katy, TX

At A Hug Away Healthcare, we offer a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of our community. Our medical supplies and equipment in Katy are of the highest quality, ensuring patients receive the best care possible. We understand the importance of hospice care and have established a dedicated hospice care center in Katy to provide comfort and support during challenging times. For our seniors, we offer professional sitter services and in-home companionship, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes well-being and happiness.

Embracing the Katy Community: More than Just a Business

At A Hug Away, we are proud to be more than just a group of coworkers; we are a community with one goal: to help people heal. We are aware that we play a vital role in the community we serve in addition to being a business. Beyond healthcare, we actively participate in neighborhood events and projects as part of our commitment to having a good influence. It deepens the connection between A Hug Away and the residents of Katy.

A Promising Future

A Hug Away Healthcare and Medical Equipment’s journey involves development, commitment, and the unrelenting quest for greatness. Our priority has always been giving our patients the best care possible, from our modest origins in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to being an award-winning home healthcare agency in Katy, TexasWe stand out because of our dedication to quality, community, and ongoing improvement, guaranteeing that we will symbolize hope and healing for many years.


In conclusion, the path of A Hug Away Healthcare is a monument to the strength of passion and purpose, showing that anything is feasible with enough willpower. Looking ahead, we are still enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie in store for us because we know that we will keep improving the lives of those we serve. A Hug Away Healthcare is here to offer comfort, care, and compassion every step of the way, whether it be medical supplies, hospice care, senior sitter services, or in-home companionship.

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